Leukorrhea is a type of discharge or fluid that may be present in the vagina. It's often described as being white or milky in color and it can be somewhat thick and slippery. In many cases the presence of this discharge is absolutely normal, but other times it could be indication of infection, though other signs are usually present too when this is the case.

Leukorrhea occurs normally during early pregnancy, and typically in baby girls who may have some of this discharge the first few weeks of life. Pregnant women may note white discharge from the vagina, and doctors may have pre-warned women that they may expect to see these secretions. Most pediatricians let new moms and dads know that they might note whitish discharge when they change their new daughter's diapers.

Causes Of Leucorrhoea Trichomonal vaginitis Monilial vaginitis Cervicitis Improper lifestyle Hormonal turbulence Unhygienic surroundings Improper eating habits Wounds produced by itching Infection Indigestion Constipation Anemia Symptoms Of Leucorrhoea Whitish discharge from the vagina Weakness Lethargy Pain in the lumbar region and the calves Dragging sensation in the abdomen Constipation Frequent headaches Intense itching in genital path Irritability Black patches under the eyes Digestive disturbances Spots on undergarments Foul smell from the genitals
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