FOR practical purposes there may be said to be various degrees of sexual weakness, but complete impotence implies a total lack of the power of erection. One may be almost impotent, however, when the erection is weak and of short period. What is generally known as "prematurity," also from time to time called irritable or partial impotence, is the most established of all sexual weaknesses of this type. It is often just concerning as serious as complete impotence in rendering one unfit for marriage.It consists in a supersensitive or irritable situation resulting in a premature ejaculation, which, in great cases, may take put even before the sex relation is attempted. There are further forms of sexual weakness, although they are unusual, in which the orgasm and ejaculation may be very significantly delayed, or in which it may be unattainable to bring them about at all. 

The common rule is that the first straight signs of declining of the sexual system, apart from any seminal wounded which may occur, are to be notice in the prematurity of the ejaculation, connected usually with decrease sensation.

Causes of Sexual Weakness

*The usual causes of sexual weakness are the following:

  • *Side effects of certain medication or drug intake
  • *Chronic alcoholism
  • *Substance abuse
  • *Health conditions such as enlargement of the prostate glands
  • *Sexual trauma
  • *Stress
  • *Anxiety
  • *Cardiovascular disorders that inhibit blood supply to the lower part of the body
  • *Paralysis
  • *Low testosterone
  • *Depression
  • *Psychologica